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The Genesis of...  Echelon Graphix

Echelon Graphix was born out of a man's passionate vision to transform ideas into captivating visual experiences using photography. Founded by Jonathan Nickens, a visionary with an innate talent for layout / design, the company started as a humble endeavor in a small, one man design studio.
The journey from those modest beginnings to the thriving design powerhouse it is today is a testament to Jonathan's unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation. He also has 30 years of business experience to bring to the customer a superior service and product experience.​​
Recently relocated to the beautiful outskirts of Spokane, WA, a great city where this journey began in 1992 - Echelon Graphix is not your typical graphic design service by any means. Now recognized nationwide for our Car Show Display Boards & Automotive artwork, we are also known throughout the Pacific Northwest for the "other" work we do on a daily basis.​

Thank You for 25 Incredible Years

Echelon Graphix owes its success to the trust and support of our clients, partners, and the incredible team of designers who have been with us every step of the way. As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every individual who has been a part of this fantastic journey.

Here's to another 25 years of pushing the boundaries of design, crafting captivating visuals, and turning ideas into reality. The future holds endless possibilities, and we at Echelon Graphix are excited to embark on this journey of creativity, innovation, and excellence with you. Thank you for being a part of our story, and here's to many more years of making design dreams come true.

what we do & how we do it!

Over the past 25 years, Echelon Graphix has meticulously crafted a diverse portfolio that reflects the depth and breadth of our creative capabilities. Our services span a wide spectrum, catering to a myriad of design needs. 
From crafting iconic logos that resonate with brands to memorial designs that pay heartfelt tributes to beloved pets and people, Echelon Graphix has consistently delivered designs that touch hearts and minds across the US.

Using the same approach in designing our Car Show Displays and automotive artwork, Echelon Graphix was founded by creating visually stunning photo artwork for any type of business or passion, and to this very day we have never lost that commitment to our customer's creative needs.​

Echelon Graphix gives our EVERY customer an inspiring perspective by fusing elements of the fine arts, photography, illustration, and graphic design, to create one of a kind digital and printable artwork. 
Echelon Graphix's mission is simple - providing OVER THE TOP ARTISTIC INSPIRATION for any occasion that is personalized solely on whatever vision THE CUSTOMER needs or desires.
Echelon Graphix sets the standard towards this truly unique photographic artwork service, a service and dedication you will find NOWHERE ELSE. Along with the specialized services we offer, we are never limited to the vision that can be expressed to one of our designers by a customer.
Jonathan Nickens, Owner, Echelon Graphix
Jonathan Nickens, Owner, Echelon Graphix

 Jonathan Nickens 
Founder of Echelon Graphix​

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