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Unfortunately, because of the time we are on the road at car/auto shows around the Pacific Northwest during the spring / summer months, we are NOT available to do any wedding photography, but can design all the other needed materials for a wedding.

Get a beautifully themed, full color photo-montage customized to compliment your perfect union or anniversary.  Add to a wedding those important accessories such as invites, programs, etc. to complete a memorable and very special day.  
All prices of the photo artwork below include design / layout, printing costs, consultation, and
S & H of finished products.  Wedding package orders can also be customized to fit any specific need.
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wedding packages


1 - 16x20 montage
100 full color invites
100 RSVP's
100 Thank You Cards
50 wedding programs



 1 - 16x20 montage
150 full color invites
150 RSVP's
150 Thank You Cards
75 wedding programs​



1 - 20x24 montage
200 full color invites
200 RSVP's
200 Thank You Cards
100 wedding programs




wedding / anniversary montages

These special photo artworks can include shots of the groom & bride, family members, flowers, children, themes, or other things.  The date, year, and last name of the bride & groom are included on all montages.

16x20in. - $349  

  Your 10 - 12​ favorite wedding photographs sent to Echelon Graphix


20x24in. - $399  

  Your 12-15  favorite wedding photographs sent to Echelon Graphix


22x28in. - $449  

  Your 15-20  favorite wedding photographs sent to Echelon Graphix


NOTE:  We request those who send anything to us by email that the file size is 1 - 2 MB in size per image.  This way you can be sure that the final composition is very sharp and not pixelated.  Thank you.