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AlumiGraphix Car Show Display Boards: Specifics

What to include for an impressive looking sign

Car shows are exciting events that attract car enthusiasts, collectors, and curious onlookers alike. As an owner or participant in a car show, one of the essential elements to consider is creating an attention-grabbing display board. A well-designed car show display board not only showcases your vehicle but also tells a compelling story about its history, features, and uniqueness. In this blog post, we will guide you through the key components to include on a car show display board, helping you create an impressive and informative showcase that stands out from the crowd.

Vehicle Description and History:

Begin by providing a brief overview of your vehicle. Include the make, model, and year, as well as any significant historical information that makes your car special. Share details about its production numbers, rarity, and any notable modifications or restoration work. If possible, research the vehicle's background and highlight any interesting stories or achievements associated with it. This section serves as an introduction to captivate the viewers' attention and generate curiosity.

High-Quality Images:

Visual appeal is crucial for a car show display board. Include high-resolution images that showcase your vehicle from different angles, capturing its unique design and features. Professional photographs can greatly enhance the overall presentation and help draw attention to your display. Consider including "before" and "after" restoration images if applicable, allowing viewers to appreciate the transformation and hard work put into the vehicle.

Technical Specifications:

Highlight the technical aspects of your car by including a comprehensive list of specifications. Include details such as engine size, horsepower, torque, transmission type, and any performance modifications. Additionally, mention specific features or technologies that make your vehicle stand out, such as advanced suspension systems, aerodynamic enhancements, or unique braking systems. This section appeals to the technical-minded visitors and adds credibility to your display.

Restoration or Modification Process:

If your vehicle has undergone restoration or modification, this section is a great opportunity to showcase the craftsmanship and dedication involved. Explain the challenges faced during the restoration process, the choice of original or upgraded parts, and any unique customization that sets your vehicle apart. Including "before" and "after" images can further emphasize the extent of the transformation and be sure to acknowledge / credit individuals or workshops that contributed to the restoration / mod efforts.

Awards and Recognition:

If your vehicle has received any awards or accolades, proudly display them on your board. Include photographs of the awards and mention the events where they were received. This information adds credibility and prestige to your display, capturing the attention of potential viewers and judges alike. It also provides a sense of validation to visitors, knowing that your vehicle has been recognized by experts in the automotive industry.

Fun Facts and Trivia:

To engage viewers and spark conversations, include a section of interesting and lesser-known facts about your vehicle. This could include information about its production numbers, celebrity ownership, or any unique features that set it apart from other vehicles of its time. Trivia not only educates the audience but also adds an element of entertainment to your display.


In designing all of our AlumiGraphix car show display boards, Echelon Graphix focuses stringent attention to detail to your car, truck, or bike and all its important parts, and YOU are the key to making it all come together in these displays! By incorporating your feedback of the vehicle description, high-quality images, technical specifications, restoration or modification details, awards and recognition, and some fun facts, we will create a captivating display that draws attention and tells a compelling story about your vehicle.

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1953 Chevy Truck AlumiGraphix Display Board

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