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about us

Nestled in the 'Little Napa Valley' of Walla Walla WA, Echelon Graphix is not your typical graphic design service by any means, but a Force of Inspiration that offers much more than the common services of designing a logo, flyer, brochure, or business card.

Using state of the art computer equipment and the latest in Adobe graphics software, Echelon Graphix is a professional graphic design studio founded on visually stunning photo artwork that can become the answer to all your business or personal needs, as well as everything else in between. ​​

Jonathan Nickens is the founder of Echelon Graphix.  With 27 years experience in the graphics field, he leads a small staff to give every single customer a meaningful and artistic perspective by fuzing his passions of the fine arts, photography, illustration, graphic design, and business experience to bring a superior and insightful service / product.​​
The mission is simple - providing 'over the top artistic inspiration' for ANY occasion that is personalized solely on whatever vision THE CUSTOMER needs or desires. ​
Offering a wide range of specialized and customized services for our clients, Echelon Graphix is extremely competitive in its focus to do any type of photo artwork correctly for your needs every single time.
Echelon Graphix is uniquely specialized towards one-of-a-kind photographic artwork and Illustration, services you will find NOWHERE ELSE​. Along with these graphic services we offer, we are never limited to the ideas that can be created for you.


Here at Echelon Graphix, we are also extremely dedicated to our customers with our great services while making it as easy as possible for you to inquire, and or purchase any of them, face-to-face, or even online. 
Please fill out the form on our CONTACT page with your inquiry and someone will get a hold of you by the email address or phone # you provide.  From there, we'll be happy to discuss your request in further detail. 
​Enjoy the website and its many ideas, and please browse the MANY examples of our work.​

 Jonathan Nickens 
Founder of Echelon Graphix